SKIALPER - inspired by mountains

Since 1997 the magazine ahead of their time. We speak to mountain and adventure addicted. The international reference for ski mountaineering, freeriding and all mountain immersive experiences.

14 years of growth

Fourteen seasons in a row of growth: newsstand sales, subscriptions, advertising. A case history in the magazine business which has been suffering for a long time.

Active community

Strong sense of belonging: our readers think they might write a story for us, or at least read about themselves. Anyway, the key players of our stories are keen skiers, mountaineers and trail runners.

If you are the best, sooner or later, you’ll be featured on Skialper

We chose only the best authors and photographers. We want our content to stand out, we do not publish material from databases or agencies. The originality of the content, the quality of the writing, the interpretation of the photographers are crucial for us. And most of the best photographers have trained themselves by starting out with us at a very young age.

Quality trademark

Skialper is a magazine to be read time by time, to be kept in the library, to be handled with care. We choose FSC-certified handmade paper (from responsibly managed sources).

Widespread circulation

Skialper has a circulation of 28,000 copies, distributed in over 11,500 newsstands throughout Italy: 75% in the North, 15% in the Centre, 10% in the South. 

'Content is king'

A Bill Gates quote from 1996 perfectly sums up Skialper's success: language, content, current and international editorial line, great care in language and storytelling.

«There is something that please me when I take off my skis, at the end of the day, and I feel that I have done my duty: I have taken care of those curves, that slope, that snow, on which I have drawn a line up to my abilities. I have taken care of my life».

— Davide Marta, Publisher and editorial director Skialper magazine










We value the decision of conscious people who choose to buy a magazine at the newsstand or subscribe to it to have a reference, to read up on information, to be updated on trends. To be inspired.

Not a single copy of Skialper is given for free (except to insiders involved in corporate marketing), because our aim is to ensure that the reader sees the magazine’s issue as an eagerly awaited, exciting appointment, to be savoured with calm and experienced intensely. The purchase ritual is a key point: a free-press magazine given for free is worthless, it slips away. A news item on a website does not create real loyalty and community.

Buying a paper magazine – as well as taking out a subscription – is a conscious decision and this gives value to advertising investments, to being present in this special moment of people. To being part of something to keep in the bookshop and in memories.


More than 7,200 paying subscribers

New subscribers and renewals of expiring subscriptions are increasing steadily. More than 7,200 people get the magazine at home by the time it hits the newsstands. In addition to this, there are more than 500 people to whom we send it, including employees, shopkeepers, journalists and our staff.

18.000 copies per issue

The average circulation per issue at newsstands is 11,150 copies. The average circulation with subscriptions is 18,350 copies per issue. The target for 2023 is a growth to permanently exceed 19,000 copies.


Skialper is available in all the best newsstands (around 11,500 outlets). The newsstand presence is what connotes the very nature of the publishing product. We push hard for this solution, however less profitable it may be for us, because it is the link to the habits of the fans.

Distinctive style

For us, this is a must. An outstanding graphic design and top-quality paper (Sappi Magno Volume of 110 grams) make Skialper a magazine to leaf through with care and to keep and collect after buying and reading.

Editorial calendar

We publish Skialper bi-monthly. We are on display around the 10th day of February, April, then we jumps to July with the super-summer issue and returns with the usual schedule in October and December. The fluctuation on the issue date can be up to five working days.

Special issues: Buyer’s Guide & Outdoor Guide

We also publish Buyer's Guide (our test guide to ski mountaineering and freeride equipment that comes out in late September) and the Outdoor Guide (our summer equipment test guide that comes out in mid-May). We publish seven issues, although these two "specials" are not part of the subscription.

Buyer’s Guide, the best seller

With over 19,000 copies sold in newsstands and direct orders on, it’s our flagship product. The world's reference guide for winter material testing. Independent, authoritative, unassailable. Unparalleled.

Outdoor Guide, summer issue

The same applies to the Outdoor Guide, the summer version of our test guide. A reference for the trail running, hiking, mountaineering scene. We test shoes, poles, backpacks and all kinds of accessories for the great outdoor. Always in the same spirit and with the same addiction and seriousness. More than 14,000 copies sold in the 2022 edition, the most successful ever.


Simply impressive

Buyer's Guide is different

640 pages, on high-quality handmade paper.
Size 17×24 cm, the standard for top guides in the art, luxury, wine & food sectors.
Being part of the test is 100% free, no brand pays to send their products, no commercial interference in the evaluations. Participation means accepting the verdict.
More than 19,000 copies sold.
Boasts countless imitation attempts.


7 issues per year (5 + 2 special issues)

We are on display each two months, except for summer when the July super issue merged June and August. It is on newsstands by the middle of the scheduled months.

  • SKIALPER 149 / December 8 2023
  • SKIALPER 150 / February 14 2024
  • SKIALPER 151 / April 12 2024
  • OUTDOOR GUIDE 2024 / may 2 2024
  • SKIALPER 152 / July 11 2024
  • BUYER'S GUIDE 2025 / September 30 2024
  • SKIALPER 153 / October 24 2024
  • SKIALPER 154 / December 5 2024

Tech sheet

Starting from fall 2022, we have changed size, paper, graphics and layout of the magazine.

  • Size: 230x310 mm
  • Paper: Sappi Magno Volume 110 gr
  • Insert: glossy coated paper 110 gr UV coated
  • Subscirber cellophan: organic recyclable mater-bi
  • number of pages: 176/192


Advertising - brand awareness

Traditional advertising in the magazine allows the brand to enter the intimate sphere that the reader carves out for himself to read his favourite magazine away from all work, personal and family issues. It is about entering the intimate sphere of the enthusiast.
Only format covered: full page

Price list - Skialper:
single page: 4.500 € + vat (net net)
up to three pages: 4.000 € + vat (net net) each
up to five pages: 3.000 € + vat (net net) each

Specail positions: IV of cover (if available) 10,000 € + vat, II and III of cover 7,500 € + vat (in combination with first or last page 9,000 € + vat).

Effective brand storytelling

Advertorial is not part of our philosophy We consider it outdated and with a negative (repelling) effect on the reader. We do, however, propose to build brand storytelling, using the writing and photography skills of our team to get messages and information across to the reader (products, company-related characters, history, anecdotes).


Experience: photo shooting in a setting with brand ambassadors and products being launched. Text, setting, shooting and production entirely by us. 8/16 pages.

Price list: the value of a service of this kind is the cost of an advertising page +25% living costs of realisation.

IG stories - social projects

Skialper's Instagram account has been built with a 100% organic audience, without ever taking advantage of promotions, with a continuous growth of users who have chosen to follow it for the quality of its content.

32,000 followers very engaged and growing all the time.

The viewing of IG Stories fluctuates between 5,000 and 7,000 on average, with peaks of up to 10,000. A very high percentage if one considers the total number of followers. This is proof of a solid, absolutely loyal base. We realise taylor made projects for our advertisers, with videos, photos, tips&tricks, product launches. They can be planned individually or included in multi-platform ad campaigns.

Price list:
Single episode cost: 5,000 € + vat net

Some references of recent work:
La Sportiva


We produce your content to help you communicate

We made our experience in producing content – users like it to the point they buy it – available to those who need to reach the same users with their commercial messages.

More and more frequently, companies ask us for cooperation in content production. The different eye of someone who usually handles stories with an editorial slant is one of the most effective ways to present new products, collections or simply to convey brand values.

Our idea consists of an integrated content production, in which only a part can be published on Skialper, in the agreed form, while the rest of the state of the art material is at the company’s disposal for distribution on its own channels or to foreign media. A way of content production dynamic, fast, modern and above all free from the too many constraints that often condition the internal choices of brands.

Schedule, channels to be used, granting of royalty-free product material (text, images and videos, if any) are part of a taylor made planning.

Price list: on request.

Key facts about our readers

True skiers

Our readers are keen skiers & mountaineers: we focus on values shared by people who do go to the mountains. Our aim is to inspire, with authentic stories from credible people. There is no room for improvisation or superficiality, they would not be tolerated by the community.

Spending power

Our audience is in the high end. The proof: they choose the more expensive subscription formulas and gadgets. Stuff search connected with IG Stories shared at tag @skialper, as well as content analysis, confirm this matter.

How old are our readers?

25-34 years old 32.8%,
35-44 years old 31.8 %,
18-24 21.3%,
45-54 years 11.1%,
55-64 2.8%

Style first

Our average reader is open-minded and well educated. His approach is curious, he embraces the different philosophies of mountain sports, ranging from freeriding to skimo racing in winter and from trail running to climbing and mountaineering in summer. There is a focus on ecology, respect for the environment and quality of life.

29% women vs 71% men

Women reading Skialper are far more than the average for sports magazines. This can be verified by the amount of IG stories shared with the @skialper tag that feature them.

Urban circulation

Cities with highest readership:
Milan 20%,
Turin 11%,
Bergamo 9.5%,
Rome 5.7%,
Brescia 5%,
Padua 4.7%.

Italian circulation

31.3% Lombardy, 26.4% Piedmont, 11.8% Veneto, 10.2% Trentino/Alto Adige, 4.9% Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, 4.5% Emilia Romagna, 3.3% Valle d'Aosta, 2.6% Liguria, 1.5% Abruzzo, 1.1% Lazio, 1.1% Marche

Love brand

Skialper is first and foremost a love brand. A large community of people share the values expressed by the magazine, through the different channels. They make themselves spokespeople by wearing clothes bearing our logo, using Skialper-branded gadgets and stickers.